What is:
A Digital Bank

When a challenger bank sets out to build a new bank, does it start with a traditional Core Banking System, or does it start with a Digital Wallet?

Digital Banking and Open Banking are transforming traditional banking. Challenger banks are launching globally with nothing more than a Digital Wallet and a marketing campaign.  Where does this leave the traditional banks. 

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In this 4-part series we will give Youtap’s perspective on Digital Banking:

Part 1

In Part 1 will define the term Digital Bank

Part 2

Part 2 will look at the Digital Wallet  as the core for all business and consumer services

Part 3

Part 3 will investigate Consumer and Business Banking in a Digital Bank

part 4

Part 4 will look at Digital Payments, Loyalty and Campaign management

The 4-part series will be delivered over the next 8 weeks starting September 2020